Prabowo Subianto Receives the Bintang Bhayangkara Utama Honor from the Chief of Indonesian Police

    Jakarta — Indonesian Minister of Defense, Prabowo Subianto, was awarded the Bintang Bhayangkara Utama, a prestigious honor, by the Chief of the Indonesian National Police, General Listyo Sigit Prabowo, at the Rupatama Building, National Police Headquarters in Jakarta, on Thursday (20/6).

    Prabowo arrived at the Rupatama Building at 14:30 WIB, dressed in a gray suit and a black peci, and was immediately welcomed with a red carpet.

    Additionally, Prabowo was greeted by a guard of honor and interestingly, there were also four horses, ridden by female police officers, prepared to welcome his arrival.

    Following his arrival, Prabowo was guided inside the Rupatama Building while being briefed about the history of the Indonesian National Police. The ceremony began with the singing of the Indonesian national anthem followed by the reading of the presidential decree on the award.

    “The Presidential Decree No. 112 TK of 2022 on the Awarding of Bintang Bhayangkara Utama, by the Grace of Almighty God, considering etc., decided etc., appoints the award of the honor to General TNI (HOR) (Ret.) Datuk Seri H. Prabowo Subianto Djojohadikusumo, Minister of Defense, as recognition for his significant contributions to the development and progress of the police, established in Jakarta, signed Joko Widodo,” announced the ceremony commander.

    This award was given to Prabowo for his dedication and cooperative efforts in enhancing security within the Republic of Indonesia. The police regard Prabowo as having played a significant role in the development and advancement of the Indonesian police force.

    The Chief of Police then pinned and draped the honor onto Prabowo followed by a photo session, a salute, and precision greetings.

    Present at the award ceremony were notable figures including the Deputy Chief of Police, Commissioner General Agus Andrianto, the Head of Public Relations Division of the Police, Brigadier General Trunoyudo Wisnu Andiko, the Head of the International Relations Division of the Police, Inspector General Krishna Murti, and other high-ranking police officials.

    From the Ministry of Defense, the Deputy Minister of Defense, Lieutenant General TNI Muhammad Herindra, and the Head of Public Relations, Brigadier General TNI Edwin Adrian Sumantha, were also in attendance, offering their congratulations to Prabowo.

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